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Troop Beverly Hills was one of my favourite movies when I was my daughter’s age (or perhaps a little bit older). Shelley Long plays Phyllis Neffler, a spoiled, rich Beverly Hills mom who decides to become the leader for her daughter’s Wilderness Girls troop. It’s comedic genius.
Anyway, last year it occurred to me that my daughter would probably enjoy it (and, therefore, I would get to watch it with her and wow her with my ability to recite entire passages verbatim). ‎So I tracked down a DVD copy and it’s become a regular addition to movie night at our house. ‎ And it’s nice to see that real classics can pass the test of time and really, it’s not that old.
Tonight my daughter has a friend ‎over for a sleep over and I asked if they wanted to watch it.
“Yes, yes, can we?” my daughter said, turning to her friend.
“It’s such a great movie. It’s from the 1980s but it’s still really good. And don’t worry, even though it’s old it’s not in black and white or anything.”

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