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Every day on my trip to work I walk through what is essentially a series of inter-connected underground shopping malls. Yep, it’s about as great as it sounds. Well, great for shopping – not so great for the bank account, but I digress.

Every day when I exit the train station and enter the first shopping mall I pass a Godiva chocolate store. Now I don’t know if you’ve ever had Godiva chocolate but let me tell you, it’s pretty amazing. I myself have only had it once or twice when people generously decided to give it as a gift because let’s be honest, it’s not cheap. It’s hard to justify spending more on chocolate than I do on shoes, but man is it good. But again, I digress.

Every day when I pass by the chocolate store I look through the large front window to see if he’s there today.

The man who dips the strawberries.

Now don’t worry, this is not going to turn into a “50 Shades of Chocolate” kind of thing; I look for the strawberry guy because he always looks so ridiculously happy.

Every day when I see this guy I can’t help but smile. He honest to goodness looks about as happy as a person could be, standing there dipping strawberry after strawberry in a bowl of chocolate.

Every day I wonder what makes him look so happy. Does he love his job that much? Doesn’t it get boring, tedious, monotonous? I mean I realize he doesn’t spend his whole day dipping, I’m sure he has other chocolate-related tasks to complete, but I have no doubt in my mind that he does them all with the same smile, the same look that makes me want to chuck my corporate job and dip strawberries all day.

I spend a lot of my time searching for inspiration, professional challenges, an office, a job title, a name on the door, in the hopes that once I find all of that I will be fulfilled, settled, content.

And then I think about the guy dipping strawberries and I wonder if maybe I need to stop searching for all of that and instead just start looking for happy.

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