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‎They told us to expect snow yesterday. “They” being those weather people who seem to get it wrong twice as often as they get it right. So when I turned off the lights and climbed the stairs to bed last night with nary a flake in sight, I wasn’t all that surprised.

But this morning I woke to a winter wonderland.

There’s something indescribable about the first snow. It’s like I completely forget through the course of spring and summer and fall and then when it happens I’m amazed all over again. Of course by January I’m completely over the whole idea of it, but for now, on this day late in November, I’m sufficiently in awe.

It’s not enough snow to ruin my day. The roads are clear, the trains will run and other than the possibility of wet socks, all will continue as it regularly does.

But for the wonder of the trees.

I couldn’t take my eyes off them on my drive to the station. I wanted to pull the car over, jump outside, and take a thousand pictures. But I couldn’t, didn’t, so I will have to settle for trying to imprint the images in my mind.

Mother Nature has done her magic today. Every surface is covered in white. Every tree branch and twig and blade of grass. It makes me feel incredibly large and infinitely small‎, all in the same breath.

It’s been a forgettable week so far. Forgettable in its sameness and repetition; seen through tired eyes and weary tears. I haven’t been feeling well this week, that dull ache that tells of oncoming sickness but is not yet at the stage where you have an excuse not to function at the usual level. So instead I trudge along, uninspired, exhausted, uninterested.

So this morning when I woke up to the beauty outside my window I felt like it was a little gift just for me. Like Mother Nature is trying to help me perk up a little, to see the wonder that exists in even the most regular of weeks.

Because everything seems better when there’s a little icing on top.

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More snow.

It honestly seems like winter will never end.

But today Mother Nature must have realized we’re all getting tired; tired of the inconvenience of it all.

Because today she used the snow to paint us a beautiful picture.

Today the snow has frosted the trees, from the largest branches to the smallest twigs. All the way from bottom to top and left to right. It looks like snow from a fairy tale, right here outside my window.

I want to stare at it for hours, taking in the unexpected beauty of it all. To accept the realization that this is the silver lining.

So I will take a breath and appreciate, if even just for this moment, the gift of this beauty, and the peace it has brought. For all too soon it will be gone, melted away before my eyes and forgotten in my mind.

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As with most kids, there was a time when I saw snow as an adventure. Growing up in a place that didn’t get a lot of snow meant that it was quite the novelty when it did arrive. When you live in a city with less than a dozen snow plows, more than a dusting of snow usually meant schools closed, roads impassable and lots of free time spent sliding down the nearest hill on whatever flat, smooth object you could get your hands on.

I have a vivid memory of laying down in a pile of newly fallen snow in my backyard one evening, staring up at the sky while the flakes tickled my cheeks and eyelids. I remember thinking that the sky, even though it was nearing dark, was roughly the same colour as the snow I was laying in. I wondered how that was possible and since that moment I have always loved a “snow sky” as I coined it.

I grew up in a house at the top of a steep hill. Great if you were a daredevil and liked to go really fast down it on your bike, but not very conducive to winter travel. On really snowy days I remember my mom having to park our blue station wagon (complete with stylish wood paneling) at the bottom of the hill and we would have to do the hike on foot. There were usually a handful of other cars parked there as well and we would usually pass some neighbours doing the exact same hike on our way up. When it only snowed once or twice a year, snow tires were seen as an unnecessary luxury.

Our driveway was also steep and had a concrete retaining wall running along one side. My older brother somehow determined that the wall ran at the exact perfect slope for beer bottles to slide down so we used to make bobsled-like courses for them to dip and dive down. We would drag buckets of water outside to ice up the track and make the bottles go even faster. Of course inevitably we would spill a bucket of water (or two) and break a beer bottle (or six) turning our driveway into a steep, slippery skating rink littered with broken glass. It’s a wonder our family didn’t spend more time in the emergency room.

But all that has changed now that I’m an ‘adult.’ I live in a place where snow is the norm, not the exception, for at least four months of every year. We’re supposed to get a doozy of a storm tonight and through the day tomorrow and I’m dreading it. The roads are going to be awful, public transit is going to be a disaster and all I can do is stare out the window and hate every flake as it falls.

No matter how hard I try I can’t seem to find the sense of wonder that used to come with a good snowfall. When you’re an adult, snow means disruptions, plans made and broken, alternate arrangements, and back-breaking shoveling. Thinking about it all just makes me feel old and tired.

Winter wonderland? Not so much.

Sometimes being a grownup really sucks.

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the first snow

We’ve been waiting for weeks and now it has finally arrived.  Yep, the first snowfall of the year.  I don’t think it’s going to amount to much and it will probably be gone by tomorrow but for right now at least, the ground is white and the trees look magical.

I didn’t grow up with a lot of snow.  Most of my childhood Christmases were green ones but I have to say, now that I live somewhere that gets a fair bit of white stuff in the winter, it feels like something is missing when there’s no snow at Christmas.  It missed it by a couple of days this year but when I looked out the window tonight and saw it coming down, I felt a smile creeping to my lips.

I wanted to make a cup of tea, put on sweatpants and curl up in a chair next to the window so I could watch the flakes fall.  Instead, there was dinner to be made, a bag to pack (because although everyone else in my house is off for another week and a half, I have to go back to work tomorrow), phone calls to make and e-mails to respond to.  That didn’t leave much time for watching the snow but I did manage to take a few minutes and pop out to the front step with my camera.

a little bit of white perfection

Tomorrow morning I will probably be cursing if I can’t get my car out of the garage in this stuff but for now, just for a few hours, I will stop everytime I pass the window, just to take a minute to look at the magic.


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