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I spend the whole day trying to come up with amusing and perhaps even somewhat intelligent things to write about.  I carry a notebook with me at all times just in case inspiration hits me while I’m on the train heading to work, at the grocery store, or while standing in front of the washing machine.  However, it seems that having a notebook and pen within reach is a direct deterrent to any type of inspiration.  There are no light bulbs going off.  Nothing.

Fast forward to 11:00 at night when I’m snuggled down under my fuzzy sheets, shutting off my brain for the day in the hopes of getting some sleep before another day is upon me.  That’s when the sparks start flying and the ideas come so fast and furious that I can hardly keep up.

Many people would suggest keeping a notepad next to my bed to jot down all of my fabulous late-night brilliance but the fact is, I’m just too lazy.  I can’t imagine digging myself out from under my blankets, turning on the light and sitting up to write.  I don’t want to write at 11:00 at night, I just want the ideas to go away so I can go to sleep.  I also think that maybe the ideas come because I’m not thinking about getting ideas.  I’m just laying there, the only time of the day when I don’t have to be doing something, planning something, explaining something, answering something.  And without all that chaos of those other things taking up space in my brain, there’s room for inspiration to peek through.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince my brilliance to come on-demand at a more convenient time of the day when I can actually do something with it.  Until then, I’ll try and enjoy the fact that apparently I’m at my smartest when no one else is around to witness it.



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