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At least three times a day I stand on the top step of my garage stairs and attempt to throw something into the recycling bins that sit at the bottom of the stairs, about two feet off to the left side.

At least two out of those three times every day, the item I am attempting to throw into the bin hits something and bounces out.

Inevitably, this means that I then have to walk down the two stairs, pick up the item from wherever it has landed, and put it into the bin again.

This happens over and over and over again.

It would, of course, be smarter and more efficient to just walk down the two steps and put the item in the bin in the first place, rather than even bothering to attempt to throw it.

In my head I realize that would be the smarter thing to do, and yet I don’t do it.  I keep throwing it first.

Yogurt containers, water bottles, newspapers, old magazines, you name it and I will still try to chuck it from the steps and into the bin.  And it will still bounce out.  And then I will swear and seem (for some unknown reason) surprised that it happened again; just the exact same way it happened yesterday, and the day before yesterday, and the 50 days before that.

You hit the nail on the head with that one Albert.

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It’s nice to know that being a great mom isn’t as hard as I thought.

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…and when you put a whole bunch of them on sticky notes, I’m sold!

Picture courtesy of lovelydreamms.tumblr.com.

Thanks, I needed that today!

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