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Quite honestly, there were times when I doubted if it was ever going to come.  I thought it was going to be grey forever, and cold forever, and bleak and dim and stark forever.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, it finally arrived.

Now the signs are all around me.  There is colour where for so long there was only grey; warmth where there was only cold; soft edges where there were only sharp corners.

Spring has arrived.

And I’m loving every minute of it.

New buds 2013

Magnolias - Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Tulips 2013

I hope wherever you are, whatever you may doing, that you’re also seeing the signs.

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I sat on the bench waiting for her turn to come around. She was waiting more patiently than I anticipated and she eagerly agreed to ride by herself, something I also hadn’t expected.

After I led her to the end of the line I had pointed to the wooden bench about ten feet away, told her I would watch her from there and meet her at the exit when she was done. She nodded, excited at the prospect of doing something as grown-up as riding the Ferris Wheel by herself.

I sat on the bench and pulled out my phone. Since the invention of smart phones I have lost my ability to sit, without stimulation, for any length of time.

I looked up just in time to see her go through the turnstile and make her way up the ramp to her assigned seat. She got in and buckled up, looking very serious and deep in concentration about the whole thing.

The ride operator slowly made his way through the process of emptying and filling the seats, and from what I could see from her face as she moved further around the wheel, she was not impressed.

He filled the last seat and stepped back, pushing the lever all the way and the ride jumped to life, picking up speed as it went.

I scanned the seats, trying to find her and then there she was, coming down from the top peak of the wheel. The look on her face caused my breath to catch in my throat.

She was so caught up in the moment, the speed of it, the thrill of it, the sheer sense of freedom, that for once she wasn’t concerned with hiding her excitement in an attempt to look ‘cool’ or ‘grown-up.’

Instead she was just a kid, riding a ferris wheel on a beautiful summer day.

I scrambled to find my phone in my purse so I could take a picture. I wanted to capture this moment, to save it, file it away and keep it forever. I never wanted to forget that look of wonder and innocence on her face and I was so afraid that I would; that it would get lost in all of the other moments that make up a lifetime and disappear.

I pulled out the phone and fumbled to find the camera setting. How come I can never remember how to do this? I swore under my breath and looked up, trying once again to find her seat.

And then it hit me.

In my overwhelming need to capture this moment, I was actually missing it.

I stopped pushing buttons and folded my hands on my lap. I found my daughter’s seat on the ferris wheel and sat perfectly still for the next five minutes, just watching her.

Years from now I will probably have forgotten this moment, the look on her face and the way it made my heart skip a beat and I won’t have a picture to jog my memory.

I won’t have a picture because instead of scrambling to capture the moment, I sat back and experienced it.

And it felt good.

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