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The voices were soft at first, barely above a whisper. I had to concentrate to hear them and make out what they were saying.

“Come over here, look at me, I’m beautiful.”

What? Who is talking to me? I shake my head and move on.

Over the next few days they got louder though.

“Come look at me, you know you want to, you know you can’t resist. I will help keep you organized. I am a home for all of your brilliant thoughts. I will look amazing in your purse.”

It was then that it all slowly began to make sense. It is September, time for the annual call of the daily planner.

Every year I buy one, certain that this will be the year that I actually use it. I will write down all of my to-do’s in one handy place – no more random post-its junking up my purse. I will keep track of writing ideas, birthday lists, clothing sizes, doctor’s appointments, and library book due dates all in one stylish package.

And I do. I do all of that and more.

For about a week and a half.

Then I switch purses for some reason and decide it doesn’t fit in my new one. A week goes by and I don’t write anything in it. I have to make a dentist appointment and realize I left it at home. I write the info down on a post-it instead. And just like that, the spell has been broken and another planner sits, barely used, on my shelf. An unkept promise, another small failure on my road to becoming Martha.

You just know she uses a daily planner.

One year I decided to give up the dream and get with the times, in-putting things directly into an “app” on my phone. What a perfect solution (I thought at the time)! I will have everything at my fingertips. And yes, it did turn out to be very convenient and yes, it did help manage things but, to be honest, it wasn’t very much fun. I was all function and no form. Something was missing.

I didn’t get the thrill of pulling it out of my purse and running my hands across the smooth pages any time I had to write something in it.

I didn’t get the joy of spending an entire lunch hour picking out just the right pen to use with it. Smooth writing? Check! Not globby? Check! Doesn’t bleed through the pages? Check! Hmmm, should I go with blue or black ink? These are important decisions people.

Okay, maybe just to me but whatever.

Going digital was a practical choice but one that left me feeling hollow. Organizing wasn’t fun anymore.

So now I’m back at square one. Every time I walk past the stationary store the planners continue to call to me and I continue to try and ignore them. But I’m not that strong and I’m not sure how much longer I can resist.

Hey wait a minute, look at that pretty one in the window – it has a purple cover! I love purple!

Maybe I’ll just pop in and take a peek. It doesn’t hurt to look, right?

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I had the three of us ready ahead of schedule. Clothes were freshly pressed, hair was brushed, I had lipstick on and lip gloss on. I even had enough time to pull out a purse that matched my outfit, rather than just dragging my huge mommy-bag with me which is what I usually do.

As I gave myself one final look in the mirror I hardly recognized the put-together, calm, self-assured person that was looking back at me.

I put us all in the car and proceeded to back down the driveway, checking cautiously to make sure no one was coming behind us.

Then, as I turned out of the driveway to head on our way the car swiped a full yard waste bag that my husband had put at the curb that afternoon.

I may not have recognized the lady in the mirror with the perfect lipstick, but the one dragging the yard waste bag down the street under her front bumper?

Oh yeah, there’s the me I know so well.

All is once again right in the universe.

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