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‎For months he’s been asking when it will happen, coming home from school or hockey or a birthday party telling me everyone else has lost a tooth and asking when he will finally catch up.

I told him it will happen when it happens, the kind of wisdom you hate as a child but what else could I say? If it was my first child I probably would have been calling the dentist and looking it up online – he’s almost seven, shouldn’t he have lost a tooth already?

If it was my first child I would have assumed something was wrong, not wanting to deviate at all from the standardized development charts that I pretended to ignore but actually refered to religiously.

But he is my second child, and so I know it will happen when it happens, ‎and because he is also my last child, I know I will be sad when it does.

I will be happy because he is happy, and I will be happy because it’s a confirmation that things are going the way they should, but I will be sad because it’s yet another step on the path away from his childhood.

‎Happy and sad.

Bitter and sweet.

Too fast and too slow.

Before I became a mother I did not know how these opposite things could exist together, in the same moment.

Now that I am a parent I understand that they exist together, side by side, in almost every moment.

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