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My favourite part of Mother’s Day is when I get to read the cards, the homemade cards that the kids make at school.  They are usually stuck together with white glue, bits of yarn and so much love that it’s all I can do to stop my heart from bursting.

The cards are always beautiful, in their own colourful, simplistic, innocent way but for me the best part are the words.

It’s always the words that get me.

When they’re too young to write their own words their teachers help them.  They ask them the question and they write down the answer and then they send the words home to me.  If I could say anything to the people out there who spend their days teaching our little kids I would say thank you for so many things, but mostly I would say thank you for the words they send home to me for Mother’s Day.

The words are never eloquent or flashy or even grammatically correct but they are always the most beautiful words I have ever read.

“I love my mom because she puts notes in my lunch.”

“I love my mom because she always gives us popcorn when we watch a movie.”

“My mom is the best because she makes me baths with lots of bubbles.”

I remember the times I yelled instead of whispered, the times I demanded instead of asked, talked instead of listened.  They remember the notes and the popcorn and the bubbles. When I think of being a mother I think about all the things I should have done and could be doing to make their lives better.  They think about all the things I actually did, the small little things that showed them how much I love them.

I sometimes think I’m doing a horrible job, that I’m doing this all wrong.  They show me that the job I’m doing is fine, good, great even.

And while the card is a gift they give to me, believing their words is a gift I give to myself.  The gift of a pat on the back, and a sigh of relief.  The gift of realizing that I’m doing the best I can and the acceptance that my best really is good enough.

On any other day of the year I have a hard time believing it, but on Mother’s Day I see it right there in front of me, written in crayon and decorated with sparkles.

And who am I to argue with that?

From me to you.

From me to you.

So as we all prepare for Mother’s Day, my wish for you, for all the mothers out there, is that for one day you believe all of the best things that everyone else already knows to be true.  That you understand that you are a great mother, not because you are without faults, but because you are perfect in the eyes of your children.

Just ask them, they’ll tell you.

All you have to do is believe.

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