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‎I’ve been that lady.

That lady who bribes her kids with junk food.

That lady who “shushes” them when they ask questions.

The lady who lies and says “yes” when they ask “Mama, did you see that” because I actually didn’t see it because I was playing Candy Crush on the ipad.

The lady who cuts someone off in traffic and pretends it was an accident.

The lady who eats popcorn for dinner more than I’d like to admit.

The lady who pretends to be in the shower when relatives call.

The lady who wears clothes to the grocery store that toe the line between lounge wear and pajamas.

The lady who puts the kids to bed early if there’s ‎something on TV I want to watch.

The lady who looks at all I have and still wonders what might have been.

The lady ‎who used to see the things that other people did and though to myself “I’ll never be that lady.”

Until I realized I already am.

So now I don’t judge that lady, because I am that lady and she is me.

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This post may offend some.  Whatever, but I just have to get this off my chest.  Yesterday, there were pictures published of a celebrity, who happens to be pregnant, going down a waterslide.  Um okay, fine.  I admit that I’m a bit celebrity-obsessed myself – People.com is my homepage – so fine, whatever, they publish pictures of Nicole Kidman every time she gets a coffee so why should I be surprised that they’re posting pictures of this.

The part that really got me was the People website then did an on-line poll and asked readers “Would You Waterslide While Expecting?”  Click here for proof that I’m not making this up – I really wish I was.

I guess my anger stems from the fact that, in my opinion, it’s no one else’s friggin’ business what a woman does while she’s pregnant.  Especially considering we’re not talking about someone mainlining cocaine or, heaven forbid, eating sushi while ‘with child.’  What business is it of ours?  Why is the world at large suddenly allowed to judge this woman for what she does or does not choose to do while pregnant?

Having had two kids myself, I got to experience first hand the judgement-filled world we live in, particularly when it comes to mothers.  Once you become a mother (and apparently judging from this poll, even before the baby actually arrives) you become fair game for the public at large to judge your personal choices.

How and what you feed your child, how you discipline your child, how you dress your child, what you name your child, whether or not you choose to immunize your child, how you educate your child, those are all decisions you would think would be personal but unfortunately, in this day and age, they are not.  Complete strangers will feel free to tell you, in great detail, in public, in a loud voice why you’re doing it all wrong.

We’re doing what’s best for our kids, our families and, heaven forbid, ourselves.  Because you know what, we may be moms but we’re still people; people who like to go down water slides once in awhile.  Being a mom is hard.  We know; we live it every day.  We don’t need your judgmental finger pointing and your on-line polls making it even harder.

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