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I have a thing for accessories.  I hate shopping for clothes, dislike shopping for shoes, avoid shopping for makeup, and downright detest shopping for pants, but I love picking out accessories.

Purses, earrings, necklaces, rings, pretty much anything you can think of.  I love picking out all of the pretty things that add sparkle to my average uniform of jeans and a plain colour top.

It’s shopping, only without the awful change rooms, unflattering lighting and having to yell to the 17 year-old “attendant” who wears a baggy size 0 that no, the size 8 doesn’t fit but thanks for asking.  And no, I don’t want to try it in a bigger size but again, thanks for asking.

Instead I’ll make my way over to the rack by the cash piled high with rings and bracelets and get lost in them.  I can picture myself wearing them and, unlike the rest of the items in the store, imagining myself in them makes me smile.

I’ve spent more money than I should probably admit on accessories, particularly jewelry because, if I’m being really honest, it makes me feel good about myself.  The great thing about accessories is that they always fit, they never make my thighs look bigger, and, if the stars align, they make me feel a little less like someone’s mother who often gets ignored and overlooked, and more like the person I used to be.

My intellectual side realizes that self-confidence doesn’t come in a box; that it’s supposed to come from inside, but on the days when the reflection in the mirror is not what I’m hoping to see, putting on a great pair of earrings or an incredible necklace brings back the smile and the twinkle and frankly, that’s worth any price.

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I have a problem finding pants that fit.  Perhaps I should qualify that statement.  I have a problem finding reasonably priced pants that fit.  I’m sure if I wanted to go to some hoity-toity boutique and drop $250, then I could find a pair of pants that fit.  But that’s not going to happen.  I have a mortgage, a car, a husband who likes to play hockey and kids that like Lego.

I’m also not a fan of spending money on clothes.  There are much more fun things to spend money on, like Stella and Dot jewelry.  When there’s sparkly jewelry to buy, the clothing underneath just becomes background anyway.  Everyone’s looking at the bling, not the clothes I also happen to be wearing.

But I digress.

I don’t pretend to be an expert on the female body.  The fact that I am a female and do, in fact have a body, does not seem to have imparted me with any type of wisdom in the area.  However,  I have come to realize that every woman’s body, though different, has a few similar traits.  (Note, when I’m discussing the female body I am not including female models in this group – their bodies don’t look like any female I’ve ever met in real life).  Female bodies are generally curvy.  Most often those curves do not occur in the areas of our bodies that we want them to but that’s another issue for another day.  Those of us who have reached a certain age have grown to accept our bodies the way they are and are simply looking for clothing that helps us do the same.

I don’t know many women who have a waist that is larger than their hips or thighs.  No matter what size the woman, the hips are generally the widest point of the body.  I consider this to be a fairly obvious fact to anyone who has, I don’t know, ever looked at a woman?  But apparently this is news to those out there in the world that design and make reasonably priced pants for women.

So the million dollar question becomes, do I buy pants that are a bit tighter in the thigh than I am comfortable with or do I buy them to fit those parts of my body and deal with the back-gape?  This becomes particularly difficult with dress pants which, in many cases do not include belt loops so there’s no chance of wearing a belt to fix the gape.  So that leaves either wearing shirts that are long enough to cover the gape or resorting to fixing the bulge with office supplies.

The year's hottest accessories!

It is a little embarrassing when the clips “unclip” at the most inopportune times but it does add a little excitement to a regular day!

I do, from time to time, succumb to the draw of the Reitmans Comfort Fit pant.  No snaps, no buttons, no zippers. Fairly brilliant actually.  However, I try not to dip my toe in that well too often because I realize that choosing comfort over coolness is a slippery slope.  Next step: wearing running shoes with dress pants and choosing a functional backpack over a cute purse or heaven forbid, deciding that accessories are optional.

My husband did manage to buy me a pair of jeans for Christmas that were pretty good.  A little bit of back-gape but at least they’re jeans so I can wear a belt with them.  They were from Old Navy which was a bonus because they didn’t even cost that much.  This past weekend he called me from the mall asking if I needed any more pants – Old Navy was having a sale and they had some cords on for like $10 each, the same brand as the jeans he bought me so they would definitely fit, right?

Wrong.  Oh so wrong.

He bought two pairs (in the exact same size as the jeans) and brought them home.  When he gave them to me he mentioned that he thought they looked a bit smaller than the jeans but he double-checked to make sure the size was right.  Not a good start.

I tried them and in less than 10 seconds I was hanging my head in despair.  They were so tight if they were jeans they would be jeggings.  Which I guess would make them cordings – or maybe leggords?  Yeah, the name is not cool and neither was the look.  I don’t think pants are meant to be so tight that you can actually see the thigh-ripples through them?

I peeled them off (with some difficulty) and stuffed them back in the bag.  The look on my face must have told the story because my husband didn’t even ask.  We have not spoken of them again.  We’ve been married long enough.

The problem with pants continues.

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