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It has been a rainy summer where I am.  It kind of seems like spring, only I look at the calendar and realize it’s actually August.

We’ve had days where the rain has fallen from morning until night, and days where the sun is shining one minute, and the clouds roll in the next.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve wondered where my umbrella is, but can count on one hand the number of times I’ve pulled out the sunscreen.

In a word, it’s been wet.

Growing up in a place where it rains A LOT has given me a certain appreciation for rainy weather.  I love to fall asleep to the sound of the rain beating down on the roof and I can still lose myself for hours watching the path of the drops down the window pane.

But what may seem like fun in November or March definitely loses its appeal in July and August.

And so I have been complaining about the weather, just like everyone else; choosing to focus on the downside and ignore the beauty.

Until one day in my garden when I saw this.

A little drop.

A little drop.

Maybe a rainy summer isn’t so bad after all.


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an unexpected surprise

The very best surprises in the world are the ones that catch you completely off guard.  The ones that make the breath catch in the back of your mouth and make you blink your eyes to make sure that what you saw the first time is actually what’s there.  And, I would argue, the best surprises aren’t the big ones (a new car, a bunch of money, a big engagement ring) but instead the best surprises are the little ones, the ones that wouldn’t matter to anyone but you, the ones that make a tiny smile tickle your lips and your heart beat a little faster.  Yes, the big surprises are amazing and wonderful and I certainly wouldn’t turn down a new car or a bag full of money, but I believe, in the humdrum of everyday life, it’s the little unexpected surprises that help pull us through.

We moved into a new house last summer and over the last nine months or so we’ve been learning the ins and outs of this new place.  Some of the surprises have been not so good – things that didn’t work the way we thought they would (or work at all for that matter), but for the most part, the surprises have been good.

I love tulips.  I would take a bunch of tulips over a bouquet of roses any day and twice on Tuesday.  Everywhere I’ve lived that has a small patch of dirt, I’ve planted and grown tulips.  I love the fact that you plant them in the fall and they spend all winter cozy and warm under the dirt and once the weather starts to get even a little bit warmer, they wake up from their winter nap and start peeking their way through the ground.  Last fall however, busy with a thousand other things, I didn’t get my tulips planted.  I was disappointed that I wouldn’t be able to see them grow and enjoy the inevitable surprise of finding out what colour I had planted so many months before – no matter what, I always forget what colour I plant, every single year – so I’m as surprised as everyone else when they start to flower.

So, having not planted any tulips last October, imagine my surprise, and my complete delight, to see little green shoots start poking through the dirt in my front flower bed a couple of weeks ago.  First I only saw one or two but then, as the days went on more and more little green shoots popped up.  More and more and more until finally, almost the entire front bed is now filled with tulip shoots.

Every time I walk past the flower bed it makes me smile.  It’s like the house has given me a little surprise, a gift, a thank you and a welcome, all rolled up into one beautiful, colourful, wonderful package.

What an amazing, unexpected surprise.

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