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‎It’s cold here. So cold that it’s all people are talking about and that’s saying something considering the wide range of other topics at our disposal. So cold that a coworker of mine sent me an email this afternoon of a screen shot taken from the Weather Network website; it warned of a “life threatening” wind chill for later tonight.

That’s cold.

It’s the kind of cold that forces you to throw fashion out the window and slap together the warmest outfits possible. It doesn’t matter if things match; it doesn’t matter if they look like something from your grandmother’s closet. ‎If they are warm, you will get your fair share of envious glances from strangers passing you in the street.

And it was on a day similar to this last winter that I ended up with my hat. My ridiculous, silly, unflattering and yet (in my opinion)n completely adorable, hat.

I bought it at the grocery store which was probably my first mistake. There are some fairly fabulous ‎fashion finds to be found at the grocery store but this was not one of them. Add to that the fact that it was on the discount rack, proof that it had already been passed over by pretty much everyone, and you get the idea. It originally caught my eye for my daughter. It’s the kind of thing that a 9 year old can wear and look adorable; or a 36 year old can wear and look like an ironic fashionista at best, or a pathetic hipster at worst.

But I bought it. I bought two actually, one for each of us. That caused my daughter to employ her newly ‎discovered eye roll and to make me promise we would never wear them in public at the same time. Ah the unspoken joys of motherhood.

I wore it a couple of times last winter and then stuffed it in the back of the closet to be discovered again a few weeks ago. It made me smile to see it there on the shelf and I pulled it down and have been wearing it ever since.

It’s a wool toque, bright fuschia in colour, not offensive so much as overwhelming. But the cherry on top so to speak is that it has a huge pom pom on top, so big that it kind of flips and flops around when I walk.

I am not prone to acts of ridiculousness. I generally do things that make sense and are expected and my wardrobe basically reflects that. I’m not someone who normally wears fuschia toques with huge pom poms. It really isn’t me.

Or it never used to be, but for now I really don’t care. I love it. I love colour and the fact that I don’t have anything else in my wardrobe that is pink, and probably never will. I love that it covers my ears to keep me warm and also releases fuschia wool puffs all over the place, sticking to my jacket and scarf and clothing. I love that it cost me a grand total of $2.87.

But most of all, I love the pom pom.

I love the fact that it is bigger than my fist and is so soft I sometimes rub it ‎on my cheek when I think (hope) no one is looking. I love that I can feel it bobbing up and down when I walk and that basically it looks like a huge polka dot on top of my head.

And you know I feel about polka dots.

When I catch sight of myself in the mirror, I fully comprehend the ridiculousness of the hat and how ridiculous I look in it, but for some reason I don’t care. Maybe it’s a sign of middle age? Maybe it’s the same phenomenon that started the whole Red Hat society? I never understood before but I’m slowly getting on board.

So tonight ‎when it’s -25 and I’m walking through the parking lot, my ears will be warm(ish) and there will be a smile (probably frozen) on my face.

Because there, perched on my head will be my fuschia toque with the pom pom dancing away on the top.

‎A little bit of awesome to warm up a very cold day.

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