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My kids finished school today. My hubby (a teacher) finishes school tomorrow. Needless to say, there is a teeny little bit of excitement at my house.

I, of course, still have to get up and go to work through the summer, which fills me with equal parts bitterness and relief. I stayed home with the kids for two years, let’s just say I’m familiar with the reality of it!

And although it may not be my ‘last day’, I always do feel a sense of excitement as we stand here on the edge of summer. I look forward to a loosening of the schedule that grips us so tightly during the school year; a break from evenings spent doing homework at the dining room table; no packing lunches and backpacks; no endless searching for the missing library book or permission slip. Time to sit, time to stop planning and start doing, time to get bored.

There’s just something about summer.

Sitting on the back step eating cherries and seeing who can spit the pits the farthest. Nightly trips to the park because it stays light so late and there’s no firm bedtime looming. A glass of wine on the deck, gently rubbing the condensation off the side of the glass with my thumb and breathing, really breathing, in a way that seems impossible in the middle of winter.

Spontaneous barbecues with friends. Fresh corn on the cob for dinner and just-picked berries for dessert. Undressing the kids before bed and finding pockets filled with sand and rocks, souvenirs of a day well-played.

Eating peaches and watermelon with the juices running down my chin. Sun-kissed cheeks, wind-swept hair and scraped knees – the natural beauty that comes only in summer.

There’s no predicting what this summer will bring but I’m excited to find out. Like a kid standing at the edge of a dock getting ready to jump, I’m going to close my eyes and take the plunge.

Here’s to all the wonderful summer days to come.

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