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I stood at the back of the line, juggling a handful of shopping bags while simultaneously attempting to get my walled out of my purse.”Can I have a donut Mama?”

I should say no. I should tell him to choose something healthier, some yogurt and fruit or something. I turned to look at him, jumping up and down excitedly.


He had been so good all morning as I dragged him around the mall, running errand after errand, slowly crossing things off my back to school to-do list. I caved.

“Okay,” I said. “What kind do you want?”

“A sprinkle one!”

Photo courtesy of gypsy carnival

I turned to check the display case to make sure they had such a thing and spotted a bunch of them, in all their sprinkled glory, in the case behind the counter.

I smiled, and was instantly transported back to the summers I used to spend visiting my grandparents. Every Saturday night we would go out to a movie, or a musical, or some other type of show. And every Saturday we would stop at a coffee shop on our way home. My grandparents would have coffee and I would have a hot chocolate, and we would each pick a donut.

I always picked the sprinkle one.

I don’t know what made that memory come to me at that particular moment. The ways of the mind and memory remain a mystery to me, but right then I didn’t care about the why or the how, I just let the memory wash over me.

In that moment, I was 10 years old again, feeling so grown up and special to be out late on a Saturday night, getting to pick whichever donut I wanted. We would sit together at a small table, chatting about the show we had just seen or our plans for the next day; all was right in my world.

Almost 25 years later, I now know that everything is not right in the world. My grandmother is not well and my grandfather is no longer able to take care of her at home. Any day now the phone call will come telling us a room has been found for her and she will move out of the house she’s lived in for almost 40 years.

That’s the reality of being an adult; far from the concerns of a 10 year old sitting at a donut shop biting the sprinkles off the top of her donut. Sometimes being a grown-up sucks and I wish I could go back, if even just for a moment.

And so, when it was finally our turn at the counter I ordered two sprinkle donuts; one for my son, and one for the 10 year-old version of me that still exists somewhere deep inside.

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