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I wonder about you; the people who read what I write. I wonder what you’re doing right now, right in this moment as you read these words.

Blogging has put me in touch with some amazing people and I have been surprised at the level of connectedness that I feel, considering we’ve never met. However, I also feel at a bit of a loss that I can’t see you, can’t see the look on your face when you read what I’ve written. Do you smile, do you cry, do you get halfway through and then delete and move along?

Whenever I hit “publish” and send these words out into cyberspace I wish I could be there when they land. I wish I could see where you are, what you are doing. Are you reading these on your computer while you sit at work, wasting away the hours? (Don’t worry, I won’t tell)! Do you read them on your phone while you eat a bowl of cereal over the kitchen sink? Are your kids yelling in the background? Is your doorbell ringing, the TV blaring?

If you looked up from these words right now, what would you see? Is there a window nearby that you can look out? Is it daytime or dusk? Is it raining or shining? Is the wind gently shaking the leaves from the trees and blowing them past where you sit?

Are you tired after a long day, taking a few minutes to relax before you call it a night? Or is it the morning and you sit sipping the day’s first cup of coffee?

It is the juxtaposition of being a writer. We are story tellers but rarely, if ever, do we get to be there when our stories are consumed. We know the intention behind what we are trying to express but often never know if the message was received as we intended.

Instead we have to trust that the words we chose were the right ones. We have to trust that they reached those who read them at the right time; at the moment they were most needed.

I control these words, these thoughts that I put on paper, for only as long as I write them. After that they are out of my control. I can’t sit there beside you as you read them, although I wish I could.

So I finish these words, send them off to you and wonder.

I wonder what you’re doing and seeing and feeling.

Right now.

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