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I coloured my hair on the weekend. Me, who has had the same hair colour since birth (with the exception of a few highlights here and there). I decided I needed to try something different for awhile.

It’s not permanent, just one of those temporary dyes that washes out in six weeks. I may have been ready for a change but I can only do a little bit of crazy at a time.

As I stood in my bathroom, hands covered in flimsy plastic gloves, continually squinting at the instructions to make sure I was doing it correctly, I tried not to dig too deeply into my psyche.

It’s not a big deal, I told myself. People do this all the time. I just need something different; just a little something different.

When I was done slopping the goop through my hair I had to sit on the side of the tub and wait. It’s like the “time out” period; I was forced to sit there and think about what I’d done.

Ten minutes to wonder how it was going to look. Ten minutes to run through what I would do if it ended up blue or purple or if it made all my hair fall out. Ten minutes to come to the realization that this little change really isn’t going to change anything.
But it is a change I can control. I didn’t have to wait or wish or wonder; I decided to do it and I did. All it took was a trip to the grocery store and, let’s be honest, I’m there at least twice a week anyway. In between perusing the toothpaste and grabbing a roll of pre-made cookie dough (yes, I’m that kind of mother) I just took five minutes to ponder the difference between “hazelnut” and “cappuccino” and that was it. Decision made.

And at the end of it all, I rinsed, conditioned, dried, styled, looked in the mirror and smiled. It looks good. Different but still me. Proof that change can happen, and every little step in the right direction counts for something.

Not bad for ten minutes.

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