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I am trying to watch the opening ceremonies with my kids. I thought it would be inspiring and interesting for them, while at the same time giving me time to sit in relative peace and watch them.

I love the Olympics. Every event, every montage set to an Eric Clapton song, every shot of an athlete’s parent in the stands, every interview with a first grade teacher. I love it all.

I will basically spend the next two weeks glued to the tv, alternating between wringing my hands in stress and bawling my eyes out. It’s like one huge hormonal tidal wave. Good thing it only comes around every two years.

Anyway, I digress, back to the opening ceremonies. I was looking forward to seeing the spectacle, the dancing, the costumes, the craziness that always occurs during these things. Not to mention critiquing the athletes’ uniforms (why does some country inevitably decide that wind pants are appropriate for the parade of athletes?), and screaming my face off at any sign of the glorious maple leaf.

But, from the moment they first started my kids let loose with a litany of questions.

“Who is that lady?”

The Queen.

“What does the Queen of London do?”

A lot of important stuff. And she’s not just the Queen of London, she’s our queen too.

“Can she come to our house one day?”


“Is the guy beside her the king?”

No, it doesn’t really work that way.

“Why not? I thought the queen was married to the king?”

Um, oh look, there’s a bunch of little kids riding around on light-up hospital beds! Look!

(Yes, I’m a horrible mother – I change the subject rather than answering my kids’ questions. Sue me.)

“Isn’t it night-time there? Isn’t it past their bed time?”

Their mommies and daddies said they could stay up late because it’s a special day.

“If it’s a special day does that mean I can stay up late?”

No! Now shush, I’m trying to watch! Look tt’s Mary Poppins floating down from the sky!

“Who’s Mary Poppins?”


And on and on it goes. Question after question after question. If there was an Olympic event for asking the most questions in the shortest period of time, my kids would be standing atop the podium with gold medals around their necks.

Maybe then they could do an interview with me and show it in one of those profiles; with an Eric Clapton song playing in the background.

I love the Olympics!

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