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I have a thing for accessories.  I hate shopping for clothes, dislike shopping for shoes, avoid shopping for makeup, and downright detest shopping for pants, but I love picking out accessories.

Purses, earrings, necklaces, rings, pretty much anything you can think of.  I love picking out all of the pretty things that add sparkle to my average uniform of jeans and a plain colour top.

It’s shopping, only without the awful change rooms, unflattering lighting and having to yell to the 17 year-old “attendant” who wears a baggy size 0 that no, the size 8 doesn’t fit but thanks for asking.  And no, I don’t want to try it in a bigger size but again, thanks for asking.

Instead I’ll make my way over to the rack by the cash piled high with rings and bracelets and get lost in them.  I can picture myself wearing them and, unlike the rest of the items in the store, imagining myself in them makes me smile.

I’ve spent more money than I should probably admit on accessories, particularly jewelry because, if I’m being really honest, it makes me feel good about myself.  The great thing about accessories is that they always fit, they never make my thighs look bigger, and, if the stars align, they make me feel a little less like someone’s mother who often gets ignored and overlooked, and more like the person I used to be.

My intellectual side realizes that self-confidence doesn’t come in a box; that it’s supposed to come from inside, but on the days when the reflection in the mirror is not what I’m hoping to see, putting on a great pair of earrings or an incredible necklace brings back the smile and the twinkle and frankly, that’s worth any price.

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