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Some days I am the tree, my feet firmly rooted in the ground and my arms outstretched to the sky, taking in all of the endless possibilities.

And some days I am the kid in the Winnie the Pooh cordoroy overalls hanging from the branches, screaming to get down.

Hang in there

Hang in there!

(Yes, this is a picture of me as a child.  According to family legend I used to stand under this tree in our backyard and whine until someone lifted me up to hang off the branch.  After hanging there for all of ten seconds I would, apparently, start crying until someone came and got me down. 

Then I would whine to get back up. 

You get the idea. 

I personally dispute the authenticity of the story.)

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Quite honestly, there were times when I doubted if it was ever going to come.  I thought it was going to be grey forever, and cold forever, and bleak and dim and stark forever.

And just when I thought I couldn’t take it any longer, it finally arrived.

Now the signs are all around me.  There is colour where for so long there was only grey; warmth where there was only cold; soft edges where there were only sharp corners.

Spring has arrived.

And I’m loving every minute of it.

New buds 2013

Magnolias - Spring 2013

Spring 2013

Tulips 2013

I hope wherever you are, whatever you may doing, that you’re also seeing the signs.

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